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The one feature Windows eight has that seven does not that I might find useful is Miracast support. Does anyone have any success stories, or useful examples of using Miracast on Win 8? I'm thinking of using it along side emby so that the OS itself has casting support but I'm not sure how well it would work.
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Not sure that it will help on a WMC machine much. Mirracast is just a mirror of a device on a screen. So if your 8.1 machine was on a tablet, you could use it to put on a TV wirelessly. It will work on desktops as well if you have the correct hardware.

I use it a lot to display my phone on my TV, or even in the office we use it so laptops don't need a cable to show something on a large display.
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I think its biggest benefit was being able to cast a laptop or phone screen to a device without joining a network.
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I have never actually used Mirracast.

I have used Screen Mirroring from my phone to a Roku TV. The first requirement was that they both had to be on the same wireless network.
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