Question on copying DVDs

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Question on copying DVDs

Post#1 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:43 pm

Windows Media Center on Win7 x64.

I've been using DVDDecrypter since forever to copy DVDs. Yeah, I know, it's older software but it's always done the job. Then I copy the movie folder that it creates with included subfolders over to a 'Movies' folder in WMC and it plays just fine... until recently.

Previously, DVDDecrypter would create a folder [movie-name] which contained a folder Video_TS and inside that would be a file called Video_TS.ifo and a variety of VTS_xxx files with the actual movie.

NOW - on just the last several DVDs - inside the Video_TS folder, DVD Decrypter is no longer creating a file called Video_TS.ifo but instead there's a file called "VTS_01 - Stream Information.txt"... and WMC apparently doesn't recognize this.

Has something changed on how DVDs are produced now? I'd like to think I've merely accidentally changed a setting in DVDDecrypter but I can't find any setting that changes it back to giving me the "Video_TS.ifo" file that WMC apparently needs instead of "VTS_01 - Stream Information.txt"

Thanks in advance for any help.

(This isn't actually my first post. I used to be fairly regular here but not since probably 2012 or so and couldn't remember my log-in)
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