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Post by makryger » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:41 pm

By using this website, you implicitly agree to follow this code of conduct. The moderators of this forum, at their discretion, may give you a warning, lock threads, delete posts, modify posts, or ban you from this website if you do not follow these rules. Repeated offenders, especially after getting a warning, are much more likely to be banned. The actions of moderators are always discussed as a team before any final decision is made. Once that decision is made, our decision is final.

1. Everything posted should be appropriate for all ages.

2. When posting a reply on a thread, ask yourself: Does this add value to the specific topic? If the comment is not intended to seek out help, help someone else, provide educational value or entertainment value, then do not post it. Moderators will decide what is “entertaining” and what is just defaming or off-topic.

3. Your post must be directly related to the current thread. Moderators reserve the right to delete or split posts that do not relate to the thread. This is intended to help ease thread searching in the future.

4. Always be respectful of others. Do not use any negative descriptor towards an individual. Not only is this disrespectful to the individual, but it never adds any value to the topic (see rule 1).

5. Do not post any comment that is inflammatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, political, profane or threatening. Again, always be respectful of others’ points of view. We ask that everyone conduct themselves in an adult, civilized manner. Statements written entirely in CAPS (shouting) are not welcome.

6. If you intend to advertise a product or software on this website, you may set up a single official “help” thread, but you must not just advertise your product in multiple threads. The more you participate outside of your own product, the better.

7. Signature content should not contain your HTPC specs or any images. Please put your specs in your user profile (click User Control Panel-->Profile, scroll down to the bottom). You may advertise your product in your signature only after a moderator approves.

8. Do not ‘bump’ a post if you haven’t gotten an answer. Do not start a new thread about the same issue either. Often times, this is simply because no one has an answer to your question.

9. You may not discuss illegal activities on this website, including circumventing DRM, the illegal copying of DVDs and Blu-rays, the theft of cable or other services, or the use of BitTorrent to download copyrighted content.

10. Do not post the same thing in different sub-forums.

11. Animated avatars are not allowed.

12. Posting the same thing in multiple threads is not allowed.

13. If you believe anyone is disobeying this code of conduct, then please click the Report Post link (exclamation point in the top right corner of each post) or contact a moderator.