Playstation Vue: Internet TV with DVR for $50/mo

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Playstation Vue: Internet TV with DVR for $50/mo


Post by makryger » Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:54 pm

Looks like there is another player in the expanding streaming-TV realm. Playstation Vue gives you a core set of channels for $50, with the ability to time-shift and keep recorded TV for up to 28 days. The interface looks fairly nice too. One account will work with three playstatins. It sounds like it could be a decent option in time.

for now, there are a few drawbacks in my mind:
1) No ABC or PBS.
2) Only works on playstations and ipad. (If Sony were smart, they would add this to their android TV platform, and maybe even give a free subscription for a couple months)
3) $50 is somewhat expensive if you still have to pay for internet separately. My cable TV package and internet together is only $20 more than that.I'd imagine that price could go down.
4) No archiving TV. Although I don't do this.
5) Only available in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia ... -compared/
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