Please share your experience with Silicondust DVR vs. Media Center

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Please share your experience with Silicondust DVR vs. Media Center


Post by john321 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:09 pm

My Media Center setup is highly customized. I have changed the color scheme in Media Center. I use "Recorded TV HD" and I use "My Channel Logos" to enhance my guide.

I also use EventGhost to integrate the Pulse-Eight HDMI-CEC hardware into my HTPC setup. HDMI-CEC allows me to trigger actions when something happens on the HDMI-CEC bus. EventGhost also allows me to use ANY infrared command to trigger something to happen on my HTPC... including commands that control my Roku, Global Cache IP2IR devices, and my Insteon devices (e.g. "Dim the lights when I press PLAY").

I am very disappointed that Silicondust STILL does not support recording of DRM content.

My cable provider is Comcast. The only channels that I cannot watch/record in Media Center are the premium channels like Showtime and HBO (because they are both DRM and encoded in H.264).

Currently, I watch those channels on my Roku... in the "HBO Go" and "Showtime Anytime" apps/channels.

I understand that the Silicondust DVR cannot record the HBO and Showtime channels. So, until Silicondust provides this functionality, I will need to continue to use my Roku to watch those channels.

I am asking those of you who are actively using the Silicondust DVR...

1) What features/functionality will I lose if I start using the Silicondust DVR? Specifically: Will I still be able to use the MCE remote to control the Silicondust "View" application?

2) Can I use the MCE remote to control the Windows-10 version of Netflix?

3) Is it possible to use software like comskip to skip commercials in the Silicondust View application?

Basically, I am trying to find out if it is worth switching from Media Center to the Silicondust DVR.

If you have made the switch from Media Center to SD DVR, I would like you to tell me all of the "pros" and "cons" that you have experienced.

Thank you.

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