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Post#21 » Tue May 22, 2018 11:18 pm

garyan2 wrote:
Sammy2 wrote:So my migration to OTA complete with the antenna installed in my attic last weekend I have noticed that my scheduled recordings have migrated with me. Did epg123 or WMC recognize Custom 1002 is Charter 702 is OTA 2.1 or is it just because I may have it scheduled as Any Station?

Not sure about the Any Channel setting, but WMC will certainly see that previous 702 is the same as current 2.1 ... they use the exact same service (station). If you don't have the request set to Any Channel, then there must be logic in place such that in the absence of the requested channel, any channel with the same service will work.

That must be it. Most all my recordings are set to the channel and not to Any Channel that has the program on it. Microsoft did some amazing things with WMC and too bad they didn't incorporate it into today's streaming world. It would be the one device wonder if they did. It was all right there until they took it away but it was ahead of it's time.
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