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Post#1 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:44 am

I'm running EPG 1.1.9. I have a few channels (136, 137 and 138 are examples) that are returning no signal when trying to tune them from the guide. They work fine on a set top box. I have a Ceton InfiniTV4 and two Silicondust HDHomerun Prime tuners with SDV (Motorola MTR700 Tuning Adapters) from Time Warner/Spectrum. I reached out to SchedulesDirect but they indicate it has nothing to do with them. Wondering how EPG123 is mapping channel to frequency and maybe I need to force a refresh on that somehow? Any thoughts or suggestions?

If it helps, here is a section of the channel map reported by the Ceton for the example problem channels:
Channel Name Modulation Frequency (kHz) Program EIA
136 HD SCIENCE CHANNEL QAM256 69000 1212 4.1212
137 HD CRIME & INVESTIGATION QAM256 999000 97 158.97
138 HD INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY QAM256 57000 2124 2.2124
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Post#2 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:40 am

EPG123 doesn't do anything with tuner frequencies or modulation. It simply provides the guide data that will be associated with the channels.

Is there a way you can monitor the InfiniTV4 to see what channels are actually being tuned when WMC requests 136/137/138?
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Post#3 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:09 pm

You can use the Ceton configuration app to scan the channels and manually tune in a channel. It will report whether it works or not. If not, I'm not sure if Ceton still supports their tuners, but you can collect diagnostic logs to send to them if they do. This might eliminate (or identify) WMC as the problem.

FWIW, SiliconDust's network tuners work great and are still being supported, manufactured, and improved. :-) You probably want the HDHomeRun Prime (which takes a CableCARD). Highly recommended!
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