Thumbnail issue on WMC Windows 10 April Update : workaround

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Thumbnail issue on WMC Windows 10 April Update : workaround

Post#1 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:38 pm


If you're using WMC on Windows 10 April Update with the patched MsVidCtl.dll, you have encountered the thumbnail issue on your recorded TV programs
Thanks to PinPoint (again :)), here is the workaround:

Step 1: Download the EncDec.dll (Under C:\Windows\System32) from a W10 FCU version one or either with Windows 7 its ok. You can also download it from the link above if you do not have such version anymore. You have to place the file in this C:\Windows\System32 directory
Step 2: Register the dll on a command prompt with administrator's privilege and type:

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regsvr32.exe "%SystemRoot%\System32\EncDec.dll"

Step 3: Reboot
Now you can have thumbnails on programs recorded with April Update (and enjoy again a nicer "Recorded TV" menu).

More info (in french):

Feel free to share if it works for you
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Post#2 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:46 pm

Didn't have much luck with the cmd method #1 - kept getting error messages 'file does not exist' etc. I left EncDec.dll in System32 and tried the manual regedit method #2 from the French site (using Google translate). Although I had some difficulty changing permissions to rewrite the key, I blundered through somehow and now I have thumbs in WMC. (BTW - I used the dll downloaded from the French site)

Many thanks to all concerned.
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