Creating Symbolic Links for RecordedTVHD

Creating Symbolic Links for RecordedTVHD

Post#1 » Mon May 21, 2018 2:36 am

I have tried this on two machines, and it has worked out each time. I have had some trouble getting one installation of RTVHD to pickup the metadata for TV shows recorded on a different machine (Which also has RTVHD installed). I solved this problem by creating a symbolic link the public folder of recordedtvhd on the machine that performed the recording. What this hopefully means is that I will have one instance of RTVHD that each machine is linked to, and regardless of which machine I play a file on using RTVHD, the play counts, metadata, etc. will be updated accordingly. I plan to stand up a little application server using Win 7, WMC, Emby, Playon, and a few other programs, and I'll install RTVHD on that, and link each PC to its files. I'll use this as my sole recording machine. Just thought I would put this out there in case it helps anyone else out, and I'll update this thread later, after I make sure my play counts and resume points are consistent across each machine. This at least solves my metadata problem.
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