ZWave and Power Controller

ZWave and Power Controller

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I'm starting to test out ZWave with Windows Media Center. The sole remaining ZWave program that I have found for WMC is PowerController by Milliesoft. PowerController is a WMC plugin written in MCML that allows users to control their ZWave devices in the WMC interface. It installs a local web service that acts as a gateway between your ZWave controller and your PC. This gateway can be accessed through either the WMC interface, or via a Web Browser. I have a Gen5 Aeotec ZStick, which plugs into my PC via USB, and I have gotten powercontroller to recognize my ZStick but I don't have any devices to control with it just yet. My first goal is to get a motion sensor that will play a scene where when I walk into my TV room, My PC wakes. I'll try accomplishing this VIA Powercontroller alone, and if that doesn't work out I'll use EventGhost to send a WOL packet to the machine. The good news so far is that Powercontroller still runs on a currently patched WIn 7 machine, and it can see my Zstick.
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