Truly Uninstalling Media Center Studio

Truly Uninstalling Media Center Studio

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There are some versions of media center studio floating around the internet that work but don't put the program in programs and features under the control panel. This would be fine if that version of MCS was truly portable but its not because MCS registers assemblies in the .net 3.5 GAC located under windir\microsoft\assemblies. Making things more complicated, you cannot simply uninstall these assemblies if a problem comes up because they are linked to registry keys so in order to truly uninstall MCS, you have to first delete the registry keys that point to assemblies MCS creates when it runs, AND THEN you can simply right click and unistall all of MCS's assemblies. These registry keys are located under HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\FUSION. Doing a media center studio search of the registry will show you which assemblies successfully installed when you ran MCS. In order to remove MCS, I deleted its registry keys, then uninstalle its assemblies. For a full list of assemblies MCS uses, look no further than the .dlls that are packaged with MCS.
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