Help finding a remote guide add-in

Help finding a remote guide add-in

Post#1 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:01 pm

Been lurking around for a while and either I've gone completely insane or I'm just failing at searching.

I could have sworn I saw a post talk about some kind of add-in that allowed secondary (remote, if you will) instances of WMC to bring up a guide from a "central" WMC that helped to centralize all the recordings at 1 instance of WMC. I believe the use case was multiple instances of WMC within a house hold (vs extenders) and you could view and set the guide recordings for the recording instance of WMC from the remote WMCs via a custom add-in

Have I gone crazy and just fabricating this in my head or is there an add-in that does this?

Been digging through my phone's search history but I'm not finding it so I'm leaning towards I'm going slightly insane :crazy: and my google searches just keep bringing me back to things like remote potato and my media center.

help please!
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Post#2 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:06 pm

There is such a thing. Remote potato, and shared guide potato are two separate programs where remote potato is the server, and shared guide potato is a remote potato addin for media center. Shared guide relies on silverlight, and there are two separate installers for remote potato depending on if you have win 7 or 8. There is also a codec pack for remote potato, which I might have should you need it. These files will let you remote into one instance of MC's live TV, and guide from another instance of 7mc. You can look at the guide, and watch live TV. There are some android clients out there but I haven't found anything very good for that. Here is a link to remote potato!AvAoSdNdORVlg9AcqMtSpO20O2VTnQ
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