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Post#21 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:41 pm

Well, good to know I am not going crazy. I am surprised that I couldn't find any other threads discussing this specific issue previously, as it seems like a showstopper, lol.

Obviously the question is now, if there are any setups with Comcast where it is actually working, since it seems like this specific discussion hasn't happened before (or my googlefu failed me)? Are there extenders that do work with the Comcast h264? Ceton Echo? HP X280N? Linksys?

If people have moved on, what are you using? I guess the HDHomerun DVR looks interesting, though it seems protected playback may have some issues on some platforms, and it seems like it is missing a true program guide grid due to patents or some such horseness.

It has always been to my utter frustration that we couldn't just use another PC as an extender.And what is the point? Is there some TV show out there that isn't available to be pirated? As usual DRM has only inconvenienced legit customers.
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