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Seems like the perfect first thread on the Music sub forum lol.

Anyways I have been a huge Kanye West fan for a long long time. I honestly believe 2010's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" was one of the best hip-hop albums ever produced. After the New Slaves promotions hit the web I got pretty excited for this album. It dropped today (this morning) I am about 7 listens into it now. It is pretty short, just 10 tracks... 40mins total, which is disappointing however I have been enjoying it thus far. It is really different compared to any of his past albums. I just went through and listened to his collection for the past few hours and it is interesting to see the progression. Anyways Yeezus.
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I grabbed it, but haven't given it a listen yet. Probably this weekend at the beach. Patiently waiting for my Dipset to release a new album :/
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