Harmony remote & FLIRC

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Harmony remote & FLIRC

Post#1 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:50 pm

For about ten years I have simply been using the classic microsoft media center remote with a separate remote to turn on the tv and manually turning on my audio receiver. For years I have looked for a smart remote and tried one and did not care for it. I have broken down and purchased a Logitech Harmony Smart Control and happen to have an older model FLIRC I had to take a look at but never used. My first question is do I use the FLIRC in place of the Logitech hub. If not what is the hub used for. Also does the latest FLIRC add anything other than it being smaller and looking different. Can someone give me the best tutorial website or You Tube video of the steps needed to do to get these working with media center 7. I have read and seen videos but wondered what the best steps would be.
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Post#2 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:00 pm

You need both FLIRC receiver and harmony hub. The remote communicates with the hub over RF (line of sight not necessary) and the hub outputs IR commands to the devices you are controlling (TV, audio receiver, FLIRC receiver, etc.) based on how you have the harmony activities programmed. I don't think the newer FLIRC versions function any differently than the older ones so what you have should work.

To setup just follow harmony instructions and use manufacturer = flirc and model number = windows media center to add WMC/flirc as a device. The hub will need to be placed in a position where it can reliably send signals to all devices or you will need to connect IR blasters to the hub.

I've had this setup on an HTPC and harmony smart controls on extenders and they work great. I did find that direct line of sight between hub and IR receivers is not necessary if there are walls or media cabinet walls to reflect the IR signals. Also, I've had a hub ~15ft or so from devices and it worked without issue.
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Post#3 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:45 pm

I just went through a change recently where my old MCE IR receiver died and I moved my Harmony One IR to FLIRC.

You need to setup both the remote and FLIRC. The Harmony setup will tell the remote what commands to emit, and the FLIRC will need to know how to translate those IR codes to MCE or key combos. There is supposed to be a way to tell Harmony to send MCE codes, and have FLIRC automatically interpret those codes, but it didn't work for me so I trained the FLIRC separately.

I ran into two problems: MCE IR codes actually alternate between two codes for things like volume up/down, channel up/down, etc. I'd be in the guide and have to hit a button twice to get it to register. In FLIRC, I couldn't train one "Media Center" button for two codes, but I could code the same keystroke to two codes. Additionally, when training FLIRC for MCE codes / commands directly, I'd frequently run into problems where the command would repeat on a single button press.

In the end, I followed the shortcut list Microsoft provided for MCE (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/lib ... 04226.aspx). In FLIRC, I'd hit the appropriate button on the remote, set the keyboard shortcut in FLIRC, and repeat until it told me that code already existed.

Once setup, I find it to be a lot faster, smoother, and consistent than using my old native MCE IR receiver. Good Luck.
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