[Beta HTPC Services] [10/20] V

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[Beta HTPC Services] [10/20] V

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You can subscribe to beta builds under the "about" tab inside of the My Media Center Config.

Windows 7 Beta Services Download: Ceton Servers
Windows 8 Beta Services Download: Ceton Servers
*For Windows 7: Yammm fixes
*For Windows 8: Yammm fixes
*Windows 8.1 Fixes
*Windows 8.1 Preview support (Windows 8.1 RTM support is under investigation)
*Fix for using default recording settings when scheduling recordings
*Fix in config when selecting a windows library
*Fix if upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you can now uninstall the windows 7 services
*No longer enable folder and file renaming by default
*Other bug and stability improvements
* Fixes issue where screen saver is not prevented
* Fixes incorrect version shown in About
* Fixes # and * remote buttons being swapped
1-> Official Windows 8 Beta: Download from CetonCorp.com
1- Installer will clear older Yammm caches
2- Installer does not wait for the services to start before continuing
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