Top 3 Vendors in TV Tuners?

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Re: Top 3 Vendors in TV Tuners?

Post#21 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:45 pm

Scallica wrote:
KevinRush wrote:I'm looking for a OTA tuner with multiple tuners to supplement my Ceton cable card tuners. (Thinking of phasing out the problematic Comcast) Preferably a ethernet solution, but would consider a PCIe card. I am hoping to continue using my "whole house" Windows Media Center computers, but would like to add any new features, and future proof if I can.

Get the HDHomeRun Extend. An network external device, so you don't have to take up space inside your system; it also transcodes H.264.

External isn't the greatest description as that's usually synonymous with USB. It is network attached making it available to multiple devices on your network.
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Scallica wrote:1. SiliconDust

Came here to do just this, you beat me to it.
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