Hauppauge 1595 vs Vizio TV (QAM question)

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Hauppauge 1595 vs Vizio TV (QAM question)

Post#1 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:32 pm

I have a new Vizio TV (ATSC/QAM) that picks up 55 channels over the feed and I'm guessing most of these are coming across QAM. The channels on the tv are 86-1, 86-2, 103, 104, 400, 401, etc.

I just picked up a Hauppauge 1595 dual usb tuner for my Media Center (win 7 pro) and ran the channel scan and only pick up 15 channels. Of those 15, some of them come up and say "scrambled". The channels on the MPC come up labeled 83.14, 83.15, 28.1, 83.20, 83.8, etc.

Same cable plugged into either the TV or the Hauppauge. I have not tried WinTV8 that came with the tuner, but wondered if anyone has a fix for this. I would like the get the same 55 channels that I get on the Vizio on the MPC so that I can use Media Center to DVR for me.

Thank you!
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Post#2 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:52 pm

you use the word "feed". Are you plugged into an OTA antenna, or are you plugged into a cable TV system looking for clear QAM channels?

See what the Hauppauge software does with the signal. Tuners are different, and so is their software. The TV might have a more sensitive tuner, I don't know--but it sure looks like the TV has tuner software that is able to pick out the virtual channel numbers from the signal (86-1, 86-2, etc). I would expect the Hauuppauge WinTV software should be as capable, for whatever channels you're getting.

Given that the 1595 is a USB stick, it's entirely possible that it's an inferior tuner compared to what's in your TV. But if you're being fed by a cable TV system, that shouldn't be the case.

But at least it's picking up some channels. Windows Media Center should be able to translate those numbers into channels, based on what it knows from the guide based on your ZIP code.

The "scrambled" bit tells me you're pulling channels off of a cable TV system, and it almost validates my thought that the Hauppauge tuner is inferior to the Vizio tuner--in that it thinks some clear QAM channels are scrambled, where the Vizio knows better.
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Post#3 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:59 pm

Yes, it is a cable feed. Is there a better USB tuner for QAM signals? I'll try the WinTV software and report back. Thanks!
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