Hauppauge DCR-2650 Spectrum SDV channels not working

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Hauppauge DCR-2650 Spectrum SDV channels not working

Post#1 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:23 am

Hi, I bought a dcr-2650 a few months ago, set it up with a fresh Cisco STA-1520 tuning adapter and Cisco cable card from charter spectrum. Everything worked well for a month and then all of a sudden when tuning to a SDV Channel, the channel would tune and within 3 seconds or so an error would pop up saying 'channel unavailable please try again later' and the channel would cut out (not exact wording, but along those lines). So I wasn't sure what this problem was and brushed it off for the time being as I didn't use the computer to watch much TV and the non sdv channels were still working fine. I later tried to again watch an SDV Channel and instead of it tuning and then giving an error message, It would say 'No TV Signal' and a box will pop up saying 'Timeout requesting channel, please try again later'. Aggravated, I uninstalled the hauppauge drivers, reinstalled them and re-set up WMC, reset the tuning adapter several times, reinstalled the tuning adapter software, called the spectrum (TWC) cable card hotline and had the signal resent, they say everything looks good on their end. The diagnostic page says the tuning adapter is working and ready, but in the system log I get this message when tuning a SDV channel:

20171213-05:56:56 CableCARD: tr/resolve_tuning_rsp timeout error (cchost_tr_resolve_tuning:34)
20171213-05:56:56 CableCARD: message: Timeout requesting channel. Please try again later.

I Checked the tuning adapter diagnostics and under the Mini carousel page it shows :

Status: McpDiscFileRead
Def Freq: 675 MHz
Tvp/Tv Id: n/a
Load Time: n/a
Version: 0
Size: 0 bytes
Num Entries: 0
Cache Hits: 0
Cache Misses: 0
Cache Overrides: 0
Load Count: 0
Load Failures: 2
Last Load Err: ReadErr
Err Time: 12/13@00:09:53
Last Load Attempt:

From what I have read from the tuning adapter diag. help PDF, the status should read Status: CacheReady , but is not. The description for what I am getting for status is this:
McpDiscFileRead: client is
reading or waiting to read the BFS
file to obtain a list of SDV QAM
frequencies to scan for mini
carousel data

Then the Switched digital video page shows:

Authorized: Yes
Service Gp: n/a
RF Ip Addr:
SDV Channels: 433
Status: Pending
Time: n/a
Pri Ip-Port:
Sec Ip-Port:
SelInd Rx: 0
SelResp Tx: 0
QryReq Rx: 0
QryConf Tx: 0
EvInd Rx: 0

From the PDF manual for the STA-1520 the status should be Ready, I am getting a Pending status. Description says this for Pending:

Pending: the set-top is in the
process of establishing
communications with the SDV

Here is the signal levels, which look like they are in spec:

Freq: 74.000 MHz
DAVIC: Connected
Status: Locked
Level: 6 dBmV
Seconds: 3774
Corr Bytes: 142
Uncor Blks: 507
Errs Avg/Inst: 0 / 0
Total Bytes: 666781340
S/N: 33 dB
Freq: 675.000 MHz
Tuning Mode: QAM-256
Status: Locked
Level: 3 dBmV

Spectrum is saying I need support from hauppauge, but It looks like the tuner is working fine, its just the tuning adapter is not doing its job proper. Has anyone seen this? Bad tuning adapter? I am tempted to swap cable card/tuning adapter again to see if this is my issue, if not, I am stuck with no fix. I have tried swapping USB ports, new USB Cables to no avail as well.
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Post#2 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:44 am

Several members here have reported better communication between the TA and the Tuner by streamlining the cabling.

1) TA and Tuner share the same source through a 3-way splitter.... eliminates "Timing problems" (same physical source)

2) USB cable connects the TA directly to the Tuner....eliminates USB bottlenecks within the HTPC.
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Post#3 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:58 am

This suggestion has nothing to do with the symptoms you experience but does improve the setup.

Cable both Ethernet Cables (HTPC and Tuner) to the same switch. Try not to use the Router as a switch. Normally I use the Router's Switch Ports for WAP's only.
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Post#4 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:50 am

Hi, I cant run the USB cable from the TA to the tuner, as the usb from the tuner has to be connected to the PC for communication as it has no ethernet port. I will be able to randomly get channels to work and then I will switch and then the usual happens, channel works for 3 seconds and then give the error, i will switch to another channel and then back then it will work fine... damn this sucks! wish this would just work.
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Post#5 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:23 pm

Did you install this http://www.hauppauge.com/site/support/s ... -2650.html click the tuning resolver tab. Tuning Adapter updates

WinTV-DCR-2650 Tuning adapter update

Tuning Resolver Service 31064

Install instructions:
•Click to download
•Unzip this file to a directory you will remember
•Uninstall previous version of the Hauppauge Tuning adapter proxy from control Panel "Add/Remove programs.
•Run "TuningResolverService.exe" from Unzip folder.
•Reboot System to start the service.

•Includes major updates to the Tuning Adapter driver.
•Updated support for Motorola TA's
•Improved reset detection.

Name: TuningResolverService.zip
Date: March 5, 2013

Tuning adapter reset

HCWe3TAP_enable_abort registry patch

If you are having problems with your tuning adapter, try this registry patch which resets the tuning adapter USB port when the Hauppauge tuning adapter service stops 'hearing' from the tuning adapter. This patch has helped many users of the WinTV-DCR-2650 when their tuning adapter seems to go "off line".

Install instructions:
•Click to download
•Unzip this file to a directory you will remember
•Run the file HCWe3TAP_enable_abort.reg registry patch
•Reboot your PC

Beta driver looks like it is much more recent and has newer TA drivers:
Beta WinTV-DCR-2650 firmware and Windows drivers

WinTV-DCR-2650 ver 35341

Install instructions:
•Click to download
•Unzip this file to a directory you will remember.
•Once unzipped, run 'Setup.exe' from this directory .

Note: this will update the firmware to version 20171206.

Note: this is a complete installer for the WinTV-DCR-2650 including updated Windows drivers and tuning resolver and IR support.
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