Random black screen then reboot

Random black screen then reboot

Post#1 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:05 am

Who wants to help troubleshoot?

Well I'm stuck. I consider myself semi-PC literate. I'm no IT tech, but I have built my own PC's for some time.

Recently my HTPC decided it likes to randomly black screen then reboot.
Event Viewer reports Kernel Power error.
I initially assumed it was PSU related and swapped in a new PSU. (Still same crash/random reboots)

Pulled RAM, swapped in some extra I had here (both Corsair brand RAM) still same crashing and reboots.

Checked all HDD's and SSD's all report no errors.

Ran Prime 95.. no problems or crashing

Ran Memtest.. no problems reported.

Ran a GPU test and that passed without crashing (however after I stopped it I launched Plex media player and it crashed and rebooted)

I was getting random tuner failures in WMC, shows weren't recording as well so I swapped out my Ceton InfiniTV6 for a backup InfiniTV 4 I had here.. still crashed/reboots at random moments.

Wondered if it may be Windows OS related.. Formatted and reinstalled Windows 8.1 as well as all latest drivers etc. and applications. (Still will randomly crash and reboot)
Although my tuners not recording issue seems to have cleared up. (yay one small step forward )

So now at this point I'm getting pissy... and WAF is beyond the point of return (almost).. ugh!!

I finally got a good bug report the last time it crashed in event viewer.. (Here it is below).

Critical Kernel-power event id 41 task category (63)
Bug check code 278
Bug check perameter 1 0xffffe000e3658300
Bug check perameter 2 0xfffff8013d9a5c4c
Bug check parameter 3 0x0
Bug check parameter 4 0xd

After googling the Bug Check Code 278 It seemed GPU related.. I pulled the GFX card out (Nvidia GTX980Ti) and swapped in a GTX 650Ti in...
Figuring I had finally found the culprit I contacted EVGA and started an RMA on the GPU.

Tonight while the Wife (God.. of all people who has lost all faith in my HTPC and Me) was watching TV the screen went black while she was watching Recorded TV. It didn't hard crash like before and reboot.. I could Alt/Tab and see the mouse pointer for a sec then the display would go out and I would see my AVR Screen that displays when there is no signal.

I hit the reset button and it rebooted and poof.. display is back. It's odd as it will work fine for hours and then randomly just crap out.

There was a new Nvidia Driver available so I updated tonight to the latest build via GeForce Experience and did the Custom/Clean Install option.

Any help would be appreciated .. My patience is wearing thin and all I have left to replace is Motherboard and CPU.. I have considered the Mainboard but it's no longer available and expensive as heck to replace.
Mobo: Asus Rampage IV Gene
CPU: Intel Core i7 4930K
Memory: 16 GB Corsair Ram.
3 HDD's (WD Black drives 2,3,6 TB)
2 SSD's One for OS one for PLEX (Faster display of synopsis and images in PLEX on SSD #2)
Nvidia GTX 980Ti (usually as I also use the PC to Game) at the moment I have the GTX 650Ti installed.
Corsair AX860i PSU.

Help!!! :crazy:
Thanks all,
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Post#2 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:33 am

re paste the cpu heatsink

download a fan monitoring app to check for fan failure and overheating
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