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Man it's been a long time since I been on here. Makes me realize how much I miss my media center! (All my stuff has been in storage since April of last year :thumbdown: )

So anyways, the family and I moved from Alaska last year to Colorado and we are getting a house built. The low voltage installer I am using to wire my home uses Control4 for there home automation needs.
I had heard some good reviews of it before, and so I opted to go ahead and have them install a controler box to tie into my HVAC and Security system as well as giving me room to add on what I want later.

In looking around the web today, I came across lots of sites that show how Control4 can control WMC, but not much of any info about controlling it from WMC, or at the very least just providing me an overview from within WMC.

Has anyone here ever used Control4 or tied it to there WMC system?
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did you ever find any more about this?
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