TWC Digital Adapter - What Channels Will I Receive?

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TWC Digital Adapter - What Channels Will I Receive?

Post#1 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:21 pm

We got the notice that TWC will be dropping some of the analog channels and converting them to digital only. They are offering a digital adapter that will be free for a couple of years. I already have the extended tier digital service and a couple of STBs along with a cable card. Anybody know what channels would be available with the DA? Would it just be the ones that I currently have available in analog, or would I also get the extended tier channels? From the FAQs on the TWC site, it says that the difference between the STB and the DA is that the STB cand do the two way communications stuff like look back PPV etc.

I would love to dump one of the STBs for a DA if I can get the same channels (std dev TV with no need for the other features)
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Post#2 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:08 pm

The DA is more commonly known as a DTA (Digital Transport Adapter). With a DTA, you will receive all of the digital channels in your subscription, except for PPV/On Demand, or any other interactive channels....similar to a CableCard tuner.

I think you can watch PPV events with a DTA or CableCard if you order over the phone.
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Post#3 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:26 pm

I'll bet a dollar the DTA does no HD.

The whole point of the DTA is to do for the cableco what the "coupon enabled converter boxes" did for OTA: you get simple reception to your analog TV, in the same square format, from the new digital format as you did by plugging the cable from the wall into the TV when they sent out analog.

What cablecos typically do is send you their exact same lineup as they did with analog, nothing more. The expectation is that they're serving those customers who indeed have analog TVs and who simply plugged the cable in from the wall. The DTA probably has only RF output, for example.

The DTA is a cheap thing, designed specifically to meet FCC mandates and current analog customer requirements. So I'd bet it has only RF out.

TW no doubt has this ALL explained on their support pages, so start there. If not, you can go to this page:

and look for the link on the right, "Setting Up Your Digital Adapter Is Easy". It's not TW, but it'll give you an idea of what a DTA is.

Oh, wait--I'll be danged: ... alcon.html

and there you are.

But before we go farther: what kind of TVs do you have hooked up to STBs now? 'Cuz I'd also be a dollar that the new digital initiative means that they will deliver the channels in clear QAM format instead of analog format, and that a digital tuner will pick up the basic lineup with no converter box needed.

Maybe you didn't even need a STB to begin with? That is, if your TV is new enough and if you get only the standard lineup.

We need more information.
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Post#4 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:49 pm

Thanks for the great answers. The TVs these are for are either older SD analog only CRT style or really early, non-QAM tunered devices. (Kitchen, kids play room) Today, I just have the straight cable plugged into each of these and we get the basic channels 1-73, analog channels like discovery, TLC, ESPN, CNN, etc. On one SDTV, I have a STB attached so my daughter can watch some Disney channels that are not part of the analog lineup. I was wondering if going to the Digital Adapter, if I could get channels like SPEED, that are not part of the current 1-73 lineup but are part of my package.

I went ahead and did the online chat thing with TWC and got this answer:
Q: Will I be able to get all of my digital tier channels using the digital adapter?
A: Yes, you will get all the digital tier channels using the adapter.

They also said I can get more than one without cost until 2015. So that means I can get rid of my extra set top box and save $13 per month! I will get them and try first before I return the STB though.
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Post#5 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:56 pm

I also checked and it looks like they have two different kinds of boxes, one with HDMI out and one with just coax. I am not sure what they offer in my local store. As I noted, I don't have digital in anyway.
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